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bacchetteMTF22+SM12pietroCometo’s wire-straightening machine MTF22 with chamfering system is suitable for the straightening and the cutting of materials with diameter from 0,8 to 6,0 and for the chamfering of wires from 3,0 to 6,0 mm.

Thanks to its straightening system with rollers, it’s suitable to process different wires: round, square, hex and profiles with any possible shape. Furthermore it’s suitable for the straightening of materials such as steel and copper or aluminium alloys, without any risk of surface scratching.

The straightening and cutting machine MTF22 is assembled on a sturdy electro-welded frame, properly designed to allow an easy composing of the machine, in order to meet any needing, employing wire-straighteners of different sizes, three different feeder models and two cutting units to be chosen.

The chamfering unit SM12 performs a “V” incision on the straightened wire, then the unit cuts it in the incision spot. The chamfering unit is able to chamfer on one end only, on both ends and it can also be by-passed in case no chamfering is temporarily needed.

The cut length can be adjusted in a very simple way: it’s just necessary to set the parameter of the wished length by digiting it on the touch-screen. The feeding speed can be set from 5% upto 100% of the max. speed (with bars 1000 mm it is 92 pieces/minute).

The bars unloading system is available upto a max. length of 500 mm or in a special version with motorized cradle, built in modules 1000 mm long, suitable for bar lengths from 1000 to 6000 mm.

A further important value of this machine is its extreme noiselessness, which is a high value in consideration of the health of the operators working besides this kind of machines all day long.




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