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Cometo MTF66 2D bending machine

The Cometo MTF66 two-dimensional bending machine with beveling system is suitable for processing material with a diameter from 0.8 to 6.0 mm and with wire chamfering from 2.0 to 6.0

Thanks to the roller straightening system it is adaptable to the processing of rounds, squares, hexagons, and profiles with any other shape and it is also adaptable to straighten materials such as steel, copper alloys or aluminum without damaging the surface.


The MTF66 bending machine is assembled on a electro-welded frame designed specifically to meet every need using wire straighteners of various sizes, three different types of feeders and three different types of cutting units.

The SM12 beveling unit performs a «V» incision on the straightened wire that is cut at the incision. The machine can bevel on one end, or both ends, or not.


The unloading system of the machined pieces is available for a maximum length of 900 mm or according to customer requests

The bending axis is managed by a Brushless motor to ensure speed and precision.

Another advantage of the MTF machine is its extreme silence, a very important value to consider for operators who deal with this type of machines daily.



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