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Logistics and Industry 4.0: Cometo installs four new automatic warehouses

During the month of May 2019, Cometo SRL has successfully completed the construction works of a new vertical automatic warehouses, equipped with 320 drawers and a total capacity of 240,000 kg.

Thanks to the rapidity of the new installations, the company will now be able to process the orders much faster.



Furthermore, the new logistics system is perfectly in line with the concept of industry 4.0 and therefore constantly connected with the company ERP to receive picking lists from the office, stocks update, execute warehouse loads, etc.





The wire-straightening machine model MRS180 is designed for the straightening of hot-rolled wire bars, cut for random checking during the winding process, in order to get samples to be used for laboratory tension tests.

This machine consists of 4 motorized rollers pushing the wire into a wire-straightener equipped with idle rollers, and of 4 further rollers pulling out the wire from the wire-straightener.

This machine is suitable for the straightening of wires with diameter range from 5.5 mm to 26.0 mm.

The operation of machine setting from one wire diameter to another one requires less than 6 minutes

RU — Thirtieth Anniversary for Cometo s.n.c.

Cometo celebrates this year its thirtieth anniversary.

Automation and development are Cometo’s key factors, since 1983 the company represents the future at the service of the wire and cable industry.

Technological and high quality products, reflect the company profile and the personality of its owner and promoter, Mr. Enrico Tocchetti, who, in 1983, together with his son Pietro Tocchetti, began to project the huge range of wire and cable equipments .

Customisation and quality are the reliable company’s background.

Wire straighteners, rotating die holders, traverse units, feeders and wire guides are guaranteed to meet customer specifications and are committed to a policy of research and innovation .

The latest innovation is the produztion of complete machines for straightening and cutting materials up to 10mm diameter, a choice which is bound to boost Cometo’s production worldwide and to keep closer relationships with the already acquired customers.