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NEW PFR43 rotating die holder Cometo

NEW Cometo’s PFR43 rotating die holder has been engineered to be used on dry drawing matchings.

The rotary movement insures improved wire lubrication through the die and helps to preserve the wire’s roundness without deforming it.

The PFR43 is available with or without the case engineered to contain the stearate.

Cometo can also supply a case for liquid lubricant.

Rotating die holder advantages:

–          quick change die holder: just loosen the locking cap a few rotations and extract the die in the cooling tank,

–          quick coolant check,

–          die coolant bathes the die in an open tank, without creating any pressure guaranteeing improved duration of the seals.




The wire-straightening machine model MRB180 is designed for the straightening of hot-rolled wire bars, cut for random checking during the winding process, in order to get samples to be used for laboratory tension tests.

This machine consists of 4 motorized rollers pushing the wire into a wire-straightener equipped with idle rollers, and of 4 further rollers pulling out the wire from the wire-straightener.

This machine is suitable for the straightening of wires with diameter range from 5.5 mm to 26.0 mm.

The operation of machine setting from one wire diameter to another one requires less than 6 minutes

MTF22 straightening and cutting machine with chamfering system SM12

During the fair in Düsseldorf from 16 to 20 April 2018, at hall 9/ C 54, Cometo will present a new version of the MTF22 straightening and cutting machine with chamfering system SM12, already on the market since 2016 as a pneumatic version.

As a result of the adjustments made to the machine, the new electronically controlled version has a greater precision, it is also faster and silent.

Unlike the previous version, the machine that will be introduced  also allows to change the chamfer size during processing.



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Cometo SRL was at Interwire that took place at the Georgia World Congress of Atlanta, GA, U.S.A. May 9th-11th 2017.


bacchetteMTF22+SM12pietroCometo’s wire-straightening machine MTF22 with chamfering system is suitable for the straightening and the cutting of materials with diameter from 0,8 to 6,0 and for the chamfering of wires from 3,0 to 6,0 mm.

Thanks to its straightening system with rollers, it’s suitable to process different wires: round, square, hex and profiles with any possible shape. Furthermore it’s suitable for the straightening of materials such as steel and copper or aluminium alloys, without any risk of surface scratching.

The straightening and cutting machine MTF22 is assembled on a sturdy electro-welded frame, properly designed to allow an easy composing of the machine, in order to meet any needing, employing wire-straighteners of different sizes, three different feeder models and two cutting units to be chosen.

The chamfering unit SM12 performs a “V” incision on the straightened wire, then the unit cuts it in the incision spot. The chamfering unit is able to chamfer on one end only, on both ends and it can also be by-passed in case no chamfering is temporarily needed.

The cut length can be adjusted in a very simple way: it’s just necessary to set the parameter of the wished length by digiting it on the touch-screen. The feeding speed can be set from 5% upto 100% of the max. speed (with bars 1000 mm it is 92 pieces/minute).

The bars unloading system is available upto a max. length of 500 mm or in a special version with motorized cradle, built in modules 1000 mm long, suitable for bar lengths from 1000 to 6000 mm.

A further important value of this machine is its extreme noiselessness, which is a high value in consideration of the health of the operators working besides this kind of machines all day long.





Cometo SRL widens his production range adding new pay-off SVO500 & SVO2000



Cometo SRL will display its new machine MTF together with the multiple equipment part of its production range during the show that will take place at the Georgia World Congress of Atlanta, GA, U.S.A. from April 28th-30th 2015.

Mr Pietro Tocchetti together with Mr Allan Brown would be pleased to welcome you at the booth # 1932.



Starting from July, the 21st 2014 Cometo has splitted into two, with registration at the pertinent Authorities.

The formal enrollment document has been recorded at the Registro delle Imprese in Lecco. The newly established company COMETO SRL will replace the old Cometo di Tocchetti Pietro & C. s.n.c. for all new and past business, therefor we kindly ask you to take note of the new company data:


Via Cabella Lattuada, 41


VAT NR. 03534410133

TEL: 0341-263090

FAX: 0341-260927

Enrollment c/o Registro delle Imprese in Lecco RI/PRA/2014/15901

REA 319508

Cometo looks ahead: the new website is online

The great experience of Cometo, built during the several years of manufacturing of innovative systems for the processing of wires and cables, shows itself on the web with a completely new site version.

In its new site, which is the result of a strong restyling of the previous version, Cometo presents its whole wide range of products and applications for the strenghtening, the enervation, the unwinding and the guiding of wires.

The brand new website also shows how Cometo’s wire straighteners can even offer different machining possibilities, according to customer’s requirements.

The new Cometo website is a complete instrument, able to communicate either with the traditional computer systems and also with the latest mobile technology: its graphic is basical and simple, easy to manage for each kind of user cathegory, even for the most modern smartphones and tablets.

Cometo’s products are well known and appreciated all over the world; for this specific reason the Company owed by Pietro Tocchetti has completed its new website with contents in English, German, Spanish and Russian, accomplishing its natural vocation for internationality and offering attention to all markets which appreciate the importance of product quality.

Thirtieth Anniversary for Cometo s.n.c.

Cometo celebrates this year its thirtieth anniversary.

Automation and development are Cometo’s key factors, since 1983 the company represents the future at the service of the wire and cable industry.

Technological and high quality products, reflect the company profile and the personality of its owner and promoter, Mr. Enrico Tocchetti, who, in 1983, together with his son Pietro Tocchetti, began to project the huge range of wire and cable equipments .

Customisation and quality are the reliable company’s background.

Wire straighteners, rotating die holders, traverse units, feeders and wire guides are guaranteed to meet customer specifications and are committed to a policy of research and innovation .

The latest innovation is the produztion of complete machines for straightening and cutting materials up to 10mm diameter, a choice which is bound to boost Cometo’s production worldwide and to keep closer relationships with the already acquired customers.