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A very versatile wire straightener in steel mainly used on wire drawing lines before the take up, and for applications which require a minimal straightening level.
The AS-AD wire straightener is suitable for the processing of wires with diameter from 0,1mm to 14,00mm.
This model is available in a single plane version (AS) with rollers set on two rows, and dual-plane version (AD) with two planes fixed together with a 90° jointing bracket. This wire straightener can be equipped with 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13 rollers.
AS-AD offers a quick opening and closing feature (an eccentric cam), which enables the quick change-over of the material to be straightened; roller adjustment is made on one row only.
The AS-AD straightener can be equipped with:

  • CA or CAR type rollers with single row bearing assembly, suitable for the processing of wire with a maximum resistance R=600 N/mm2
  • CAW type rollers with double row bearing assembly and a hardened steel sleeve (removeable bearings) : mostly suitable for the processing of high resistance wire (from R=600N/mm2 to R=2200 N/mm2).

The AS-AD type wire straightener is versatile, easy to operate and is suitable for good straightening applications with minimal maintenance.

Cometo offers the option to fit digital roller positioning indicators on AS-AD models, which greatly help the operators save on set up time and decrease down time during set up. Digital roller positioning indicators provides an economical and accurate way of recording roller positions for all future reproducibility and helps produce consistent final product every time.