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Wire straightener made of steel; enables very good straightening accuracy thanks to its centesimal tolerances. For this reason, this device is particularly suitable on machines for: springs and screws manufacturing, wire bending machines, machinery for special processing and applications where straightening precision is more critical. The ASM/ADM wire straightener is suitable for the processing of wire with diameters ranging from 0,6mm to 11,00mm. Upon request, Cometo would be glad to check and confirm the possibility to employ this model on larger diameters, depending on the material to be used. This model is available in either a single plane version (ASM) with all the rollers fully adjustable on both rows and in a double/dual plane version (ADM) with both planes fixed together with a 90° jointing bracket.

This wire straightener is available with 3,5,7,9,11 and 13 rollers per plane according to customer’s requirements (see brochure for dimensions).

One of the main advantages of the ASM/ADM wire straightener is the ability to adjust the rollers on both rows – this allows an accurate straightening setting; furthermore, the quick cam type opening and closing feature drastically reduces the set-up time on the machine of the material to be straightened.

The ASM/ADM wire straightener can be assembled to accommodate various rollers:

CA type rollers with single row bearing assembly, suitable for the processing of wire with a maximum resistance R=600N/mm2

CAR2 type rollers with double row bearing assembly: roller made of material 100Cr6 for wire with a maximum resistance R=800N/mm2

CAW type rollers with double row bearing assembly and a hardened steel sleeve (removeable bearings) : mostly suitable for the processing of high resistance wire (from R=600N/mm2 to R=2200 N/mm2).

The Cometo range of ASM/ADM wire straighteners is very precise, sturdy and easy to set up; it is the ideal choice to achieve the maximum straightening precision along with the best quality/price combination. Cometo offers the option to fit digital roller positioning indicators on ASM/ADM models, which greatly help the operators save on set up time and decrease down time during set up. Digital roller adjustment indicators provides an economical and accurate way of recording roller positions for all future reproducibility and helps produce consistent final product every time.


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