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Wire straightener made of steel, suitable for metallic meshes production or for any application requiring minimum space for the straightener installation.
The D straightener is suitable for wire diameter range going from 0.8mm up to 14mm; rollers are positioned on one unique assembling plane. According to customers’ needs can be supplied with 5 or 7 rollers.

The straightener model D can be equipped with the following rollers types:

  •  CA rollers with single bearings-circle: suitable for wire tensile strength up to maximum R=600N/mm2
  •  CAW rollers with double bearing-circle: made of tempered steel, perfect for wire high tensile strength (from R=600N/mm2 up to R=2200N/mm2).

The D straightener can be assembled on all machines for the metallic meshes production.
Its scissor-opening and closing system allows the operator to save time when changing the wire dimensions.
Handy, inexpensive and easy to use thanks also to a simple screw rollers adjustment, it requires minimum maintenance.



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