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Sturdy wire straightener made of steel, suitable for wire stretching or straightening; particularly projected for ribbed wire used in constructions. This straightener is equipped with 110mm rollers and can handle material with diameter range going from 6mm up to 20mm without the need of changing the rollers.

If the customer chooses the standard version the rollers are supplied with clutch having 61-63 HRC hardness, the same rollers are also available with tungsten carbide clutch. The custom can buy the roller with steel clutch change it later, buying one in tungsten carbide without the need of changing the entire roller. T

he ESM straightener is suitable also with 5,7 or 9 rollers and each of this version can be supplied complete with digital position indicators, which indicates the exact rollers position that can be recorded and used whenever processing the same diameter without the need to repeat the settings.







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