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Cometo pre-straightening machine INT180 is projected to facilitate the wire string-up into special machines such as pointing machines, wire drawing machines, machines for springs and bolts production, machines for round or shaped bars straightening and so on.

The pre-straightening machine INT180 can handle wire diameters range going from 10 up to maximum 30mm and is equipped with an hydraulic rollers self-centering locking and releasing system. All rollers are adjustable and equipped with digital position indicators. The wide rollers opening makes is possible to avoid wire scraping on rollers while the machine is in operation.

The pre-straightening machine can be supplied equipped with different models of wire straighteners in order to satisfy the most demanding customer needs. The standard INT180 is composed by a feeder with 180mm rollers plus two wire straighteners with 110mm rollers; according to the various requests and materials to be straightened this configuration can be changed and customised.





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