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The MTF20-4 straightening cutting and marking machine with the IM60 binding system

The MTF20 machine is appositely studied for the cutting and marking of tig welding rods.

It processes aluminium, bronze, copper alloys, stainless steel and carbon steel with diameters:

  • 1,2 mm
  • 1,6 mm
  • 2,0 mm
  • 2,4 mm
  • 3,2 mm
  • 4,0 mm
  • 5,0 mm

and allows to mark both rods-ends at fixed lengths of 1000mm or 914mm.

Complete with accessories for the different kind of wires.

The required cutting length in set by means of a touch-screen, connected to an encoder.

Max. production capacity: 80 pcs/minute for cut length 1000mm, ( depending on the material type and diameter)

With the IM60 binding system, the rods produced are conveyed into a cradle and when the established quantity  is reached, the two ends are tied with elastic wire in order to form  bundles of the established weight (shows 5 KG)

This process facilitates the subsequent operation of inserting the bundle into the box or tube during which it is possible to easily remove the elastic wire.


The pressure of the feed rollers and encoder roller can be adjusted by means of pneumatic or oleodynamic pressure devices.

The feed rollers are in hardened steel 63HRC or coated with plastic material.

The encoder roller is in hardened steel 63HRC .

Guides are in carbide.

Blades are in hardened steel 63HRC.

Quick wire straightening opening and closing system by means of position indicators.

The modular configuration allows a quick change of the composition of the machine.

The MTF20 cutting and marking machine is equipped with a fix jig enabling to constantly check the straightening and the length of the cut wire.

The average noise value  of the machine is 79 dB.