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Straightening and cutting machine MTF22

This machine has been designed for the straightening and cutting of wires and profiles up to a max diam. of 6 mm, for a maximum length of 500 mm (also available for lengths up to 6000 mm) in several sorts of material (copper alloys, alluminium alloys, stainless steel, carbon steel).

Its modular structure allows to build up the machine according to the kind of wire to be straightened.

It’s possible to fit wire-straighteners with rollers with 13mm diam., up to a max diam. 65 mm, two kinds of feeding devices: AL12-AL6 and even two different cutting units: ECM05-TAG10.

Futhermore the machine is equipped with a modular tray for the cut bars collection.

The wished cut length is controlled by means of an encoder device which grants a 0.1 mm accuracy.

This MTF machine is very versatile and allows to exchange the positoning of its components in few minutes; futhermore the customer can add further wire straighteners at any time, according to his needings, even successively the machine installation.

The cutting length is extremely easy to set: it’s enough to type the required length using the touch-screen. The feeding speed can go from 5% to 100% of the maximum allowed speed, that is 92 bars/minute considering 500 mm long bars.

Last but not the least advantage of the MTF Cometo machine is the drastic reduction of noise.





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