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Straightening and cutting machine MTF22

Cometo MTF22 wire straightening and cutting machine is suitable for material diameters range going from 0,8 up to a maximum of 10mm and cutting length up to 3 meters.

The cut bars tray collector is modular, each module has a lenght of 1 meter ( the one shown in the above picture is one module and can process diameters from 0.8mm to 5mm).

Thanks to the rollers straightening system it is the best solution to straight and cut round and shaped profiles made of different materials such as steel, copper or aluminium alloys without damaging the profiles surface.

The MTF22 machine is assembled on a sturdy electro-welded frame projected to give the opportunity to assemble the machine using different straightener and cutters sizes and four different feeders models.
This modular conception allows Cometo to optimize the production, shortening delivery times and to offer modular machines suitable to cover a wide diameter range from 0,1 up to 10mm with the possibility for the customer to place the straightener before or after the feeder and to quickly change the straighteners according to the wire or profile to be processed.

The cutting length is extremely easy to set: it’s enough to type the required length using the touch-screen. The feeding speed can go from 5% to 100% of the maximum allowed speed, that is 100 bars/minute considering 1000mm long bars.
Last but not the least advantage of the MTF Cometo machine is the drastic reduction of noise.




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