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Wire straightener made of steel with rollers diameter 110mm in material K12, hardened 61/63 HRC, suitable for straighteing of big diameter wires, and for bolts and pipes manufacturing.
The wire straightener RF_110 is suitable for round wire from a minimum diameter of 10mm to a maximum diameter of 30mm, while for pipes straightening the maximum diameter is 45mm.
This model is only available in single version, with all rollers placed on two rows on a single fixing plane; anyway upon customer’s request Cometo can supply special square joints for the coupling of several units either in vertical and horizontal line. The assembling of the units has to be carried out at customer site, due to the dimensions of this wire straightener. According to customer’s needing the wire straightener is available in versions with 5,7 and 9 rollers.
All the rollers are adjusted by means of digital position indicators which allow the operator to determine the exact rollers’ positioning and to set it again whenever required.
Wire straightener RF_110 is only available in version with digital position indicators.





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