Инновационные системы для сектора переработки проволоки, канатов и труб

Мировой лидер по внедрению решений для производства металлической проволоки

Wire straightener in steel, purposely designed for the processing of “Co2”  wire during the operation of spool winding.
Suitable for line working speed of 40 meters/second, ADV wire straightener is available in two versions:

  • ADV923 with 9+9 rollers diameter 23mm




  •  ADV930 with 9+9 rollers diameter 30mm




The rollers diameter 23mm are made of tungstene carbide and grant a very long-lasting lifetime. Cometo furthermore offers a “regenerating service” for these rollers, the tungstene carbide ring is kept as it is and only the bearings are replaced with new ones.
The steel rollers diameter 30mm are cheaper in comparison with the tungstene carbide ones but their bigger diameter ensures anyway a long performing lifetime.


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