Инновационные системы для сектора переработки проволоки, канатов и труб

Мировой лидер по внедрению решений для производства металлической проволоки

The Cometo rotating die-holder CFRMD is suitable to be installed on drawing machines. Its rotary movement insures a better wire lubrication when running into the die and helps the die to keep its shape without deforming it. CFRMD is available with or without soap box. Cometo can also offer a different box from the one used for the dry drawing. This type of box can be used for wet drawing when using liquid lubricant. The customer can chose either the indirect die cooling, so that the die is not wet by the cooling water, or the direct one where the water flows directly on the die, having the major advantage of a more effective cooling result.

The die-holder is available in four different sizes covering a die diameters range from 38 up to 100mm:

  • CFRMD431 = for die up to 43mm diameter
  • CFRMD551 = for die up to 55mm diameter
  • CFRMD701 = for die up to 70mm diameter
  • CFRMD100 = for die up to 100mm diameter

On customer demand Cometo offers a system for pressurized dies, with fast die replacement to improve the performances even further.



CFRMD100LV2 rotating die-holder


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