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Guide rollers made of stell alloy  UNI:X205 Cr12KU to guide metallic wires, both round or shaped, cables, tubes or plastic profiles. The rollers are heart hardened at 61/63HRC, to grant long-lasting performances. The external surface is ground in order to reduce the friction between the roller and the machined profile, and in order not to damage the material. The rollers are assembled with life-greased rigid ball bearings, the only maintanance operation required is the bearings change once worn-out.

Available in three different versions:

  • RU = without pins
  • RU 1  = pins with one side fixing
  • RU 2  = pins with two sides fixing

Cometo can machine customized rollers as per customers drawing, for a minimum order quantity of 20 pieces;

Cometo offre la possibilità di realizzare i rulli con dimensioni speciali a disegno cliente, su ordine minimo di 20 pezzi; così come esecuzioni speciali con riporto in cromo duro o spessore TIN.




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