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Mechanical traverse unit model STR suitable for installation on spooling/take up machines both new and earlier models. This unit is equipped with a pneumatic reversing system allowing its carriage to be guided on hardened steel rods by means of a toothed pulley belt. Its continuous working reliability and minimal maintenance ensure’s suitable winding of the wire.
The traverse unit STR is available in two sizes:

  • STR28 with hardened rods diameter 30mm, 35kg of translation force
  • STR40 with hardened rods diameter 40mm, 70kg of translation force

The unit is also available with a mechanical stroke changer which enables modification of the winding pitch according to processing requirements. Easily integrated into any spooling/take up operation and can be tailored to your requirements.

  •  Pneumatic reversal unit guarantees shortest possible reversal time
  •  Available side thrust –  up to 35 kg (77 lbs.) for the STR-28
  •  Up to 70 kg (155 lbs.) for the STR-40
  •  Choice of different ratio gear reducers for pitch selection – to be selected
  •  Easy connection with take-up units
  •  Very low maintenance
  •   Traverse / Stroke width – up to 1718 mm (67.6”)  for STR-28 – to be selected
  •   Up to 1632 mm (64.25”)  for STR-40 – to be selecte


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