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World leader in applications for the wire industry

Electronic traverse unit model STRE designed to improve the quality of the winding of metallic wires, cables and plastic profiles. STRE traverse unit is mainly employed on drawing and re-winding lines and enables to carry out controlled windings on coils of any shape.

STRE unit is available in three different sizes:

  • STRE-10 suitable for the winding of delicate wires in steel and precious metals
  • STRE-25 suitable for the winding of wires and cables from 1 to 3mm
  • STRE-40 for wires and cables of quite big size, with stroke to 1,5 meters, speed to 500mm/sec and axial thrust to 400N.

Reliable, robust and durable – minimal maintenance and easy installation on new and older type spooling/take up machinery.


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