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Cometo cutter model TAG10 is suitable for the cutting of wire from minimum diameter 1mm to maximum diameter 10mm. The cutting unit TAG10 also offers the possibility to cut plates and profiles with maximum width 10mm. The unit is available in three versions:

  • pneumatic
  • hydraulic
  • motorized with brushless motor

The cutting unit TAG10 consists in a “U” shaped cast iron block with a rectangular carriage sliding inside of it. The carriage guides are composed by filling INA bearings and the block parts which get into touch with the bearings are hardened. The run of the carriage is regulated by means of adjusting strips and a centralized oiling device provides the unit lubricating. The cutter is positioned in the middle of the carriage, on the same thrust axis.
The wire is led through an interchangeable pierced bush which is suitable for different sizes and adjustable in its distance to the cutter. The wire guide and the cutter are easy to be replaced, in order to speed up the size change operation, according to the kind of material to be processed.
TAG10 unit is employed to get a guillotine cut, in fact the wire is blocked during the cutting operation. TAG10 can be combined with the several feeders belonging to Cometo’s production range.



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